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Daniela || danascript

Web Developer

Hi! I'm Daniela (danascript), a web developer based in Berlin, Germany. I am very passionate about my job, love problem solving and hope one day to make a change with the skills that I have. I'm a team player who is also a former Architect, so attention to details and organisational skills are my second name.

My daily tech stack mainly consists of MongoDB, Express.js, REST APIs, ReactJS and Node.js, but see the extended list below for more. To keep in touch or contact me - check out my social media accounts, where I'm most active and would love to have a chat!

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The best way to learn and to grow is by getting out of your comfort zone.

And this is what getting out of my comfort zone gave me:

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Calculator JS

Healthy Minds Initiative

Healthy Minds Initiative

The Ultimate API Challenge

The Ultimate API Challenge

Medium article

Ask Questions

Tic Tac Toe

Tic Tac Toe

Pomodoro Clock

Pomodoro Clock

Women's Wednesdays #1

WmnWdn Issue #1

Weather API

30 days VanillaJs

My Resume

A brief description of my previous employment and educational background

September 2008 - July 2013

Graduated with Master's Degree in Architecture

April 2017 - July 2017

JavaScript & React.js course in ReDi School

September 2017 - May 2018

Full-Stack Web development course in DCI

October 2016 - December 2016

Mobile games tester in Anakan GmbH

June 2018 - October 2019

Full-stack Web Developer at loots

October 2019 - present

Frontend Web Developer at eBay

My services

My vision and work led me to the opportunity to work with you in the following fields:

Web applications

Mobile responsive


Tailored approach

Branding support

User friendly

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